WWE 13 Game Hack Tutotorial ( Unlock NPC, etc )

Welcome to our Site, on here you are going to find a detailed Tutorial on how to get our WWE 13 Game Save Editor tool, and of course how to use it correctly. Please make sure to follow every Step of the Tutorial to make sure everything works fine.

How to Download the WWE 13 Game Save Editor Tool for Free and How to use it:

What you will need:
WWE 13 Game
Transfer Cable, or Flash Drive
Hard Drive This tutorial
WWE 13 Save Game Editor tool

WWE 13 Game Save Editor Tool;

Download the tool. To do so, please press the Download Button below. Please note, that our Download is secured by a gateway to prevent bots from downloading our file and sharing it everywhere, in which case our tool would be useless because the exploit our tool is using would be fixed. The Download Count is limited to 2500. 

1. Extract your WWE 13 game save file to your desktop ("something")
2. Using "Open" button, open your WWE 13 game save file in WWE 13 Save Game Editor.
3. Add the details what you need to hack.
4. Click Save button.
5. Then exit out of tool, then open your file in a Rehash & Resigner (Modio etc.)
7. Rehash and Resign
8. Place the file back into your Hard drive, or flash drive.
9. Then transfer it to your Xbox 360 and replace with your WWE 13 Game Save file.
10. Open the WWE 13 game and you will see the Result!!

Note : Before the done everything back up your original game save file.